All hero sets from Dead Reckoning patch 7.32e mini-game and how to get them


Dota 2’s patch 7.32e welcomed a new hero, Muerta, along with a long list of balance changes, including sweeping nerfs for zoo strats.

The patch also introduced a mini-game that gives players a chance to earn new Dead Reckoning-themed cosmetic sets.

The event will run from March 6 to April 4, with 16 unique hero sets for players to unlock.

How to unlock the Dead Reckoning chests

Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Playing the mini-game gives players a chance to earn chests that are loaded with new in-game items.

Each player will get assigned a target before the start of the game. Each time they get kills or assists, they’ll earn points called Muerta’s Flowers.

Whoever scores more points at the end of the game will get twice the points.

Players can trade flowers for Dead Reckoning Chests that open with keys. All players will be granted five keys for free. Players can trade 20,000 shards in the Shard Shop to get a key, or pay US$2.49.

All Dota 2 patch 7.32e Dead Reckoning item sets

Credit: Valve, ONE Esports

HEROESSETSTIERBroodmotherRuby-ridged RecluseTier 1Ancient ApparitionGilded DecayTier 1BaneFeasts of FearTier 1WindrangerSongs of the SoulfinchTier 1Shadow ShamanBantam BlazeTier 1Phantom LancerDarkwater DominionTier 1LeshracFruits of WaneTier 1Death ProphetFlight of the Crimson QueenTier 1LinaDead HeatTier 2Anti-MageSpectral HunterTier 2DawnbreakerDying LightTier 2SniperExpired GunTier 2MedusaDeath AdderTier 2ViperSoul SerpentTier 2PudgeDoll of the DeadTier 3IoAltar BallTier 3

Credit: Valve, ONE Esports

The hero sets are split into three tiers. Dropped skins of the same tier can be recycled for rare ones.

For example, to gain a Tier 2 skin, you’ll need to trade in five Tier 1 skins, and the same goes for Tier 3 skins.

You can read the full patch 7.32e event notes here.

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