BetBoom Team receives default loss in Bali Major, will continue run in lower bracket


BetBoom Team should have secured The International 12 qualification yesterday after their epic series against Tundra Esports — but a simple alt-tab from one of their players have dashed their plans.

The Eastern European team will instead continue their run from the lower bracket of the Bali Major against Azure Ray, while Tundra Esports move on to face Team Liquid.

The decision was made today by the tournament organizers. Though no official reason was given, BetBoom’s Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko was found out to be alt-tabbing during a paused game, pulling up another stream — reportedly Aleksandr “Nix” Levin’s, who was broadcasting the Bali Major.

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BetBoom Team’s Pure might have cost his team a slot at TI12

BetBoom’s default loss means that the team will lose out on the 400 Dota Pro Circuit points they would have secured with a top six finish at the Bali Major.

Instead, they will need to play against Azure Ray in the lower bracket, with the potential of elimination from the tournament — and losing their slot at TI12.

Should BetBoom Team win against Azure Ray, they’ll still qualify for TI12, though there’s much less of a safety net now.

Pure, an already controversial player, will likely face increased scrutiny from here on out. More punishment is reportedly on the cards for BetBoom’s offlaner, though no official statement has been made from the tournament organizers.

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