What are Dota 2’s new Universal heroes?


Dota 2’s patch 7.33 is fresh off the oven, and one of its wildest changes is a brand new type of hero.

The New Frontiers update introduced a new type of hero — Universal, which benefits equally from the primary attributes: strength, agility and intelligence.

These heroes don’t get a primary attribute, and instead get 0.6 damage per point of any attribute. A lot of former strength bruisers and intelligence utility heroes now find themselves in this category, while barely any agility hard carries made the switch.

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Full list of Dota 2’s Universal heroes

Credit: Valve

AbaddonBaneBatriderBeastmasterBrewmasterBroodmotherChenClockwerkDark SeerDark WillowDazzleEnigmaIoLone DruidLycanMarciMagnusMiranaNyx AssassinPangolierPhoenixSand KingSnapfireTechiesTimbersawVengeful SpiritVenomancerVisageVoid SpiritWindrangerWinter Wyvern

You can read the full 7.33 patch notes here.